The Treehouse - Preparing to lift the platform

Here, you see the platform standing on end between the two main support beams. One header is facing the camera and you can see the single sheet of plywood flooring facing to the left. The plywood is covering all but one of the 4 center joists. The one uncovered joist is visible below the plywood.

I had climbed about 40 feet up the Northeast and Southwest trees and a run heavy rope through a junction of each limb. The ends of the ropes were wrapped around and knotted to the platform with large Bowline-on-bight knots (bowlines tied in a doubled section of the rope so there are two loops instead of one). The two loops from each section of rope are spread apart and tacked to the frame to distribute its weight evenly. The other ends dropped down to the ground a bit out from the base of the trees.

One Saturday afternoon, I stopped by my neighbor, Steve's house and asked if he and his son, Kyle could let me know when they had some time to help me pull the platform up onto the supports. They looked at each other for a second, grinned and said, 'How about right now?' Two minutes later, here I was, explaining how I planned to get this thing up there.

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So, how are we going to do this now?? Platform frame ready to rise

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